The Story of Magic Quill Inc.

The story of Magic Quill Inc. starts with a peacock feather. The letter was written 17 January, 2009. It was the last letter I ever got from my Great Aunt Sally. “The Great One”, my daddy used to affectionately call her. He said she was the kind of lady who could walk into a room and her presence would take it over. He said, because of this, people sometimes saw her as bossy or overbearing, but he always adored her. She was his second mother.
Some time in the 1970s my daddy lost touch with a majority of his family. Then, he had this over determined daughter who always wanted more family and loved the history behind everything. So, she contacted the family she could find. That is how I brought “the Great One” into my life.
When my daddy was killed in 1994, Sally took it upon herself to look after her favorite brother’s granddaughter. She wrote me letters and sent me presents as if she were my grandmother. Some of her statements, over the years, made me wonder if that is how she really thought of me.
She was also my first mentor. When I realized there was a word for what I do (empath) and not everyone has the same kind of experience, I was happy to find that the Magoch family were known for these oddities. In fact, Aunt Sally had a degree in Metaphysics and her son is a Shaman.
Back to the letter. The day I received this letter my cats, Shadow and Abigail, were acting odd. They spent the day surrounding me and cuddling with me. Tabby does this every day, but those two cats only display this behavior on special occasions. Especially when someone is sick.
I was very excited to get that letter– at first. Letters from Aunt Sally were always special. This one had a peacock feather in it. The letter thanked me for finding the missing link in our family and getting her in contact with the niece she had not been able to find for over 75 years. How happy she was to be able to talk to Helen and tell her the real story about her mother, Laura, and how Helen was not allowed contact with “those gypsies” after her mother died of tuberculosis.
She also told me this was her last letter to me. She had bladder cancer, was 96 years old, and was getting her affairs in order. She wanted me to keep the peacock feather as a reminder of her.
The original peacock feather disappeared and was replaced. The replacement now sits on a shelf in my boyfriend’s room, because it’s the kind of favour a queen would give to her champion.
A year after the letter, I decided to pursue my dream of being a writer. The name, Magic Quill Inc. is my remembrance of Aunt Sally and the Magoch legacy.
“Magic” is a variation of my name. Magoch in Hungarian etymology refers to the Sanga (which refers to either the cattle or the people) or yellow mage. Hungarian mythology makes reference to the Magus Magoch, who were the high priest “keepers of the flame”.
The colors of the logo always refer to Aunt Sally, because her favorite colors were purple and green.
The rest is all about the peacock feather.