I’ve Got that Chocolate Craving

Ladies: You know what it’s like. Grand ambitions of homemade chicken soup, soft, buttery rolls (or at least French bread from the store), and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Then, you get home. Your body feels like a giant cramp and all you want to do is curl up in bed with a hot cup of coffee and a sweet bunch of chocolate. Since my boyfriend has some resemblance of a life and can’t hear my cries for chocolate from this distance, I waited two hours after sending those smoke signals he never saw (or he did and just thought someone’s house was on fire) and made my own chocolate chip cookies.

Originally, there was going to be oatmeal involved, so I could pretend I was being healthy, but I couldn’t find the quick oatmeal. I’m supposing my children used it the last time they raided my pantry to make sweeties.


In life, we all have our set in stone rules and our exceptions.  One meme says, “Life is too short for fake butter, fake cheese, or fake friends.” The same goes for vanilla. If you’re baking use the real vanilla. If you can’t afford it, Wait!!  Go buy a chocolate bar for the same price as the imitation.  Always use real vanilla.
But, I made an exception on the brown sugar.  I substituted by upping my quantity of granulated sugar. The cookies taste the same. Their just very blonde.

Speaking of blonde… I had the temperature at 375 degrees and was all set to put the dough on the cookie sheet. Does something about these chocolate chip cookies up there look really wrong?

That’s right. It’s not chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.


Better? Meh… Almost, but not quite.


Now, that’s more like it.


Just to show you how much chocolate there is, I think I’ll blur up the lens a little, then wonder why I can’t get anything into focus for the next 20 minutes.


I may be a bit foggy, but everything still came out great and I didn’t even come close to burning down the apartment.

And, there’s the other half  that’s missing from the pan.


What do you make for your chocolate cravings?