The Story of Magic Quill Inc.

The story of Magic Quill Inc. starts with a peacock feather. The letter was written 17 January, 2009. It was the last letter I ever got from my Great Aunt Sally. “The Great One”, my daddy used to affectionately call her. He said she was the kind of lady who could walk into a room and her presence would take it over. He said, because of this, people sometimes saw her as bossy or overbearing, but he always adored her. She was his second mother.
Some time in the 1970s my daddy lost touch with a majority of his family. Then, he had this over determined daughter who always wanted more family and loved the history behind everything. So, she contacted the family she could find. That is how I brought “the Great One” into my life.
When my daddy was killed in 1994, Sally took it upon herself to look after her favorite brother’s granddaughter. She wrote me letters and sent me presents as if she were my grandmother. Some of her statements, over the years, made me wonder if that is how she really thought of me.
She was also my first mentor. When I realized there was a word for what I do (empath) and not everyone has the same kind of experience, I was happy to find that the Magoch family were known for these oddities. In fact, Aunt Sally had a degree in Metaphysics and her son is a Shaman.
Back to the letter. The day I received this letter my cats, Shadow and Abigail, were acting odd. They spent the day surrounding me and cuddling with me. Tabby does this every day, but those two cats only display this behavior on special occasions. Especially when someone is sick.
I was very excited to get that letter– at first. Letters from Aunt Sally were always special. This one had a peacock feather in it. The letter thanked me for finding the missing link in our family and getting her in contact with the niece she had not been able to find for over 75 years. How happy she was to be able to talk to Helen and tell her the real story about her mother, Laura, and how Helen was not allowed contact with “those gypsies” after her mother died of tuberculosis.
She also told me this was her last letter to me. She had bladder cancer, was 96 years old, and was getting her affairs in order. She wanted me to keep the peacock feather as a reminder of her.
The original peacock feather disappeared and was replaced. The replacement now sits on a shelf in my boyfriend’s room, because it’s the kind of favour a queen would give to her champion.
A year after the letter, I decided to pursue my dream of being a writer. The name, Magic Quill Inc. is my remembrance of Aunt Sally and the Magoch legacy.
“Magic” is a variation of my name. Magoch in Hungarian etymology refers to the Sanga (which refers to either the cattle or the people) or yellow mage. Hungarian mythology makes reference to the Magus Magoch, who were the high priest “keepers of the flame”.
The colors of the logo always refer to Aunt Sally, because her favorite colors were purple and green.
The rest is all about the peacock feather.



Fashion Friday: Let’s Talk About Ladies’ Undergarments

When asked what makes a lady feel especially feminine, many will respond having the right undergarments. Even if no one else sees them, there is something about wearing pretty lace which accents the natural beauty of the female form, which gives an extra inner confidence to its wearer. This is true for panties, garters, bustiers, or bras.

It had befuddled me for some time why starlets of the last century were able to have such large busts and hips, while having the most minimal waists imaginable. This was even more noticeable during the Victorian era. In one of the Little House books, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, it is noted that Ma had such a tiny waist when she got married that Pa was easily able to encircle his hands around it.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how long women’s undergarments have been around. Cloth is a material which eventually does degrade. Long before the modern archaeologist is able to find these items, the evidence of many would-be garments has become nothing more than dust.

Pictorial evidence from Crete, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Assyria show that the women of these ancient civilizations found a way to bind their breasts into place, while also accentuating the curvature of their natural shape.
The Minoan (Crete) women used a corset style garment to bring extra attention to their breasts. While, the Greek and Roman women used cording to bind and minimize the look of their breasts.

Last year, reports were released about the world’s oldest bra being unearthed during a 2008 archaeological expedition of Lemburg Castle in Austria. The find changed known history, as the bra was originally believed to have been invented in 1893 by Mary Phelps Jacob, in hopes of replacing the constrictions of the Victorian corset. Through this discovery, we now find the bra, as we know it, was around as early as the 15th century.

Only one hundred years later, the Renaissance corsets were in fashion. These corsets were a much more comfortable than than their later Victorian cousins and said to be even more comfortable to the wearer than a modern bra. Made of linen, these corsets were reinforced with whale bone or wood, in order to keep their shape. The modern bustier is the undergarment which most closely imitates the corsets of the Renaissance period. il_570xN.363405398_m78d

Throughout the centuries, women have found ways to bind their breasts and cinch their waists. This is a style which keeps becoming revived. In the 1950s, corsets came back in style. This time, called a “waspie”. Today, fifty years after we were told to burn our bras, corsets are again beginning to make a new comeback in the form of the faja. Proving once again, no matter what we name it or what variation we use, as long as women wish to feel feminine, corsets will never go out of style.

What Women Want

Back in the 1980s, there was a television show called “Night Court”.  It starred Harry Anderson as Judge Harry Stone. He was a bit of a nerdy character. Always popping off goofy puns, enjoyed magic tricks and jokes, wore a fedora hat and had an obsession with the music of Mel Torme. Of course, I had a crush on that character.

Give me a man who can make me laugh until I am in tears, who can hold an intellectual and interesting (Note: INTERESTING, is the key word) discussion on a variety of topics, enjoys an array of beautiful music (especially if Big Band is somewhere in there),  can properly wear a fedora,  and I am smitten.

It is true. Despite what my  girl friend, Patty, says,  I have always had a thing for what might be called the geek. Give me a man who can make me laugh until I am in tears, who can hold an intellectual and interesting (Note: INTERESTING, is the key word) discussion on a variety of topics, enjoys an array of beautiful music (especially if Big Band is somewhere in there),  can properly wear a fedora,  and I am smitten. But, that’s all on a get-to-know you basis.

Young Women Smiling Walking on a Railing

What makes the first attraction?

Men are visual. It’s very obvious, when you see a shapely lady walking down the street and have to remind each man who saw her to politely wipe the drool off their chin. Unless, they’re gay. In which case, they were probably too busy thinking about Neil Patrick Harris to notice.

But, what about women? They always go for these musclebound lunkheads, you might be thinking.

‘Tis true. There is something about a man who has strong arms and a chest you want to touch. So long as the body is proportionate. The last thing that looks good is a huge, knobby body coupled with a head so small, it looks like a headhunter’s trophy. But, even if average musclebound lunkhead looks good, if he smells like a sewer and/or has a voice like Justin Bieber, any female over the age of 12 isn’t going to grasp much interest.

But, if he has a voice like Sean Connery or Sam Elliot….. Especially Sam Elliot. Well, there’s a voice that can tell me a bedtime story any night……


Where was I?  Oh, yes. Let’s not forget scent. The natural scent of a man is something that gives me chills. Sometimes it can be enhanced a little with cologne or oils. Not motor oil, mind you. Although, a man who is eye-catching and has just fixed your car is quite an attraction. There are many different scents on the market. Some of them make a lady want to snuggle. Others are very yummy, indeed. Now, Old Spice. Highly NOT recommended. I don’t care if it gives you hallucinations of being on a boat. It’s called OLD Spice and smells like you’re covering up for the smell of the mothballs from your monthly ventures in leisure suit wearing.

That covers the first attraction for me. A man with strong arms who smells nice and has a voice who can tell yummy bedtime stories. . The kindness and generosity are things that should not go unmentioned. If he can also be child-like, but not childish, then you have a recipe worthy of trying out. The rest comes with friendship and time.

Couple Holding Hands at Bar

It’s your turn. What are the first qualities you notice? What attracts you?