5 Classic Movies

When people ask me, “Have you seen xyz”, the answer is generally a look of consideration, then no.

This summer, I decided to watch as many Classic Hollywood movies, as I can. That is, when I’m not watching episodes of House on Netflix.

My first stop was at the friendly and wonderful Facebook group
Hollywood Babylon.  Their movies list is five pages long. Granted, I haven’t, yet purged all of the duplicates. It’s still going to take about a year.

Thanks to Netflix and my local library, I was able to find a few of the titles.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

James Stewart is my favorite all time actor. I may mention this a few thousand more times.
The reviews I saw stated this was sappy and unrealistic.
That being the case, isn’t it frightening to think of how corrupt politics REALLY is?
If only there was a real life Geoffrey Smith in Washington. Or, maybe a handful. We’d be a better country for it.


 All About Eve


cast pub still - all about eve 1950

I was excited about watching Vertigo. Then, I found out, I couldn’t find it on Netflix or Youtube.
So, I settled for All About Eve. Settled shows I had a bad attitude about Bette Davis. My daddy used to say my grandma watched Bette Davis films and how dull they were.  I had only seen stills of her in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. A fabulous movie, but a disagreeable first impression.
Photo stills don’t fully show the beauty and amazing WOW of who Bette Davis was.
I loved this movie! I also loved how things do come full circle.
Watching this did make me wonder if My Little Pony‘s Rarity was at all based on Bette Davis. 20110730233653!Rarity

Same big eyes, mane (hair) style, accent, and diva personality.
What’s not to love?




Valley of the Dolls



It was a Saturday night when I checked Netflix and was happy to see Roman Holiday. My plan was to watch the movie on Sunday morning.
Sunday morning, Netflix reset their movies and Roman Holiday was out.
Yes, it was a big mindset transition to go from Roman Holiday to Valley of the Dolls.
It was far more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
Sharon Tate was so fresh faced, sexy, and just plain innocently sweet. Patty Duke looked like she was playing herself.

While Dionne Warwick’s voice was a great sound to set the tone, it would have been nice to have more than one song.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

I heard about this movie so much, I just had to see it. Especially with my new found love for Bette Davis.

My daughter and I both had the same thought when this started. So, this is

what inspired Disney’s  Tower of Terror.

The characters look the same. There were other similarities that made me think, “Sorry, girls! This wasn’t meant to end well for you, either way.”


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was both wonderful and tragic.
An example of how jealousy and miscommunication can ruin so many lives. Both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford did an amazing performance in this.
Many people say Bette’s “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy” dance is creepy. To me, it was more sweet and sad. There’s a glimpse of the happiness Jane wished for in that clip.

Finally, I have Vertigo checked out from the library. Next, I’m watching this, then The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

What are your favorite Classic Hollywood Movies?



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