Sunday Spotlights: Nataly Colvin

37786_277272285725852_387686634_nBrihadaranyaka Upanishad once stated, You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”  This philosophy is the driving force Nataly Colvin of Fitness & Wellness lives by. The road has been a long one, with interesting twists and turns. Yet, each turn has led her down the road to the ultimate goal: balance

Originally born and raised in Kazakhstan (the country south of Russia), Nataly was a busy little girl. On top of her full time general education, she participated in gymnastics and music school. With very little time to enjoy being a child, her mother told her she needed to choose only one of her pursuits. Influenced by her musician father, she decided to follow her love of music. For the next seven years, Nataly took piano and vocal lessons. 

In high school, Nataly noticed she possessed a natural talent for counseling. Friends from school and church often came to her for advice on their problems. It was because of this, she decided to get her Masters in Educational Psychology and Counseling. She worked in the field, but found that it was not the right niche for her. Her interest was in positive self-growth and self-development, rather than the clinical side of psychology. She held the belief that someone must desire change before they can achieve it. Her goal was to work with people who wanted to transform their lives. 

Through the years, fitness was always in the back of her mind. Like many college students, her weight fluctuated a lot. She worked out, then stopped many times. After getting married and traveling the world for her husband’s job, she continued pursuing fitness here and there, but something was still missing.  Persistence. 

After giving birth to her son, she started working out, again. This time, she was excited and encouraged by the progress and drastic changes of her body. She  studied  different diets, followed many so-called fitness gurus , and absorbed any information she could find. She took classes and her body started to transform a bit more. It still wasn’t what she was looking for.     

Then, her life changed. She broke her foot and couldn’t workout for eight months. Not long after, she began to suffer serious stomach issues. She visited  different doctors, who ran tests and scans. She couldn’t eat anything without her stomach hurting. After not eating properly and  unable to workout, for nearly a year, she realized she had gained fat in all the wrong places. She wasn’t overweight. “Skinny fat”, she calls it. Her body had simply lost its form, due to lack of exercise and good nutrition. After having her gall bladder removed, working out was postponed a little longer. 249563_277274022392345_1288736495_n

At this point, Nataly was started feeling depressed about it all. Instead of giving up, she listened to the words her mother raised her with, “She would say listen to your heart and you will always find the strength and passion within, and then go for it.” Nataly began reading a lot, as she worked on transforming who she was. This included working out, again, as well as filling her mind with a lot of positive information. While meeting people, at the gym, who inspired her, she  found out others were inspired by her. Through the transformation of her body and general well being, she finally found what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.    

Through her social media pages, Nataly has been able to motivate and inspire others who are looking for a change their bodies and their whole lives. “There is nothing greater than being able to inspire someone and see their life transform. It’s the best reward for me. One has to remember, there is that body and mind connection. By changing your mind, you change your life. The impossible becomes possible! “


 Nataly is currently in the process of developing a new program, “Body Sculpting and Wellness by Nataly”.  To learn more about this program and keep updated with future projects and inspiration, visit Nataly at Alpha Fitness by Nataly.  






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