Secret Swap

Secret Subject Swap

As I continue to catch up on writing and life, today will offer a two-fer post by the end of the day.

Welcome to Take Two of the April Swap. Each blogger in this round was assigned a question from another blogger that they have been challenged to answer.

My Secret Swap subject is “If You Had One Day to Do Over…what would it be? Why would you change it?” Submitted by Life On the Sunnyside.

One day? There are many days in life that could have led to better decisions or when words could have been said (or unsaid), or chances taken. Tomorrow, my family is attending a Chili Cookoff fundraiser to raise money for security officers killed in the line of duty. I was invited as a judge and have become a representative for families who have lost their family members. It is a way for me to help other families, who should not have experienced such a loss. I do this in honor of my father.

I give this background so it is easily understood. I would choose the last day (or any other day) that I could spend with my father just one last time. Right before he left, I heard him fiddling with his car, as he always did. I was sure I forgot to hug and kiss him and tell him I love him. My husband reassured me I already had and there would always be next time.

When my dad called after getting home, I told him I was happy he called and I was worried that I forgot to tell him I love him…”because you never know when it will be the last time.” I told him, but I never hugged and kissed him. This is what what I would change. Since then, I make sure to hug and kiss people I love and tell them I love them…just in case. I preach it to everyone I know to ad nauseum. Because, I missed that chance. Daddy knows I love him. I told him. Yet, for myself, that last hug would have made the difference. That is what I would change.


9 thoughts on “Secret Swap

  1. My hearts hurts for your loss. But what a wonderful thing you’ve shared – I always tell my Dr. Evil I love him and hug him when he leaves – he was so sick and almost died that now….I can’t NOT do that…

  2. After my mom got diagnosed with her terminal illness, I made the same pledge to always say I love you and hug the person I was with. You can never say it too many times. And even people like my dad, who is too shy to say it out loud, likes to hear it. You can tell by the look on his face. Keep on reminding us to do this!

  3. I always make it a point to, at the very least, tell my kids I love them before I leave or something. I drop all of them off at school, so I say it in the morning. I say it at night before they go to bed. I make it a point to say it to my husband as he goes out as well. Because, like you said, you just never know….

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