A to Z Challenge: D is for Dog

It has been over three years since my family met Molly. Six weeks after our Labrador mix was killed by a car I was wishing for a dog when my son looked into the back yard and told me a white dog was in our back yard.
White dog? The only white dog I knew had been buried in our backyard for weeks. He better not be running around back there.

Wandering around in our back yard was a happy dog, who ran to me, as if I had just let it out to use the bathroom. “Hello. I’m the dog you ordered.” She was very happy to come in. Even when the maniacal stuffed animals that looked like my cats, launched themselves at her, in defense of our home, she was still happy.

We took her around the neighborhood to ask people if they knew her. Except for one neighbor, who said, “She’s a pit bull. That’s why she has been bothering my dog.” the other neighbors only commented on what a beautiful dog she was. We posted fliers around the neighborhood. At 7 months old, this hyper, yet loving dog became ours.
Miss Molly
So is the story of Molly. She is sweet, but can be a handful. There are pluses and minuses. I am sure no other dog would put up with the over smothering my children lay on her, yet it would be nice if she didn’t enjoy the challenge of jumping fences.

Meanwhile, she and the cats never got along. The cats now think they are living in the lap of luxury, as they enjoy their own apartment in my office. Proof that when you wish for a dog, be sure you are specific about what kind of dog you want.

To Miss Molly…


One thought on “A to Z Challenge: D is for Dog

  1. Great story — and congratulations! She might not know how lucky she is, but when you look at the overwhelming number of pit bull dogs in shelters and rescue situations all over the county — she’s LUCKY to have wandered into the perfect backyard! :0)

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