A to Z Challenge: B is For Baking (Tasty Tuesday)

What are your favorite baked goods? Are you thinking of cookies, brownies, breads? The scent of baking always means home. As I study the culinary arts, my children love to find new things to bake. It started with my teenage daughter. First, her father introduced her to the creation of No-Bake Cookies. A recipe he had spent most of his youth making for his family. The cookies never really cooled off before the cookies disappeared of the wax paper. This is the same phenomena that happens when my daughter makes them. The cookie torch has been passed and all my husband has to do is buy the ingredients and say, “I want some cookies.”
I know that has nothing to actually do with baking, but that was the start. Since then, our house has had cookies, breads, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls created by my daughter.

It’s my 10 year old son aka The Performer (you may hear of him a lot) who is currently in love with baking. He made pretzels one day, because he found a recipe on the Internet and thought they would be good. He regularly asks to make cinnamon rolls, and more recently he has started making baguettes, by following The Food Nanny’srecipe. They are all really good, too. No help from me. Just him reading, measuring, and adding a lot of love. That is the most important thing about baking. That, and eggs, butter, flour…and heat.

The day he saw a talk presented by The Food Nanny she said, “The difference between a house and a home is how often the oven is used.”

My son turned to me and excitedly said, “We have a home!”


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