A to Z Challenge: A is for Addiction

As I continue to work on simplifying, I looked through the ideas for A. But, nothing sounded quite right. So, we have Addiction. Doesn’t that sound foreboding? Sounds like I should start one of those 1950s PSA announcements, such as the one below. If you have 21 minutes to waste, then here is one to take a gander at.

We all have addictions or habits or routines. Just as the difference between a stalker (not counting the obsessed, crazy maniac type) and an admirer (I could have written about Admirers, couldn’t I?) is you actually like the admirer’s attention. The difference between a habit, or routine, and an addiction is in how it effects your mental and/or physical health.

How much do you love your coffee? Is it a good morning drink? Or, is it something more? Do you go to sleep dreaming of your coffee? Have you made up pet names for your coffee? Do you sing it a song upon its arrival? Do you think of Starbucks as your home and your real home as “that other place”? You probably have an addiction.

How about Facebook? I know many of us see social media as a necessary tool for our businesses, but do you awake in the middle of the night and hear it calling your name? Do you have a panic attack if you haven’t checked it for more than five minutes? Are you sure that everyone else is posting the best stuff when you are not around, just to spite you? Do you keep hitting Refresh, Refresh, Refresh, then fall into a crying fit of, “Nobody looooves meeee?”, when 50 people haven’t liked your post within the first 10 minutes? Then, you may have an addiction.

Stopping anything cold turkey (yum!!) can be painful. It’s a grieving process. Especially when you have a routine you have been used to for so long. Doing anything different is scary. But, in the end it is worth it. I would love to talk to you about ways you have dealt with bad habits or addictions, but I hear my coffee singing to me and I’m starting to twitch from not checking my Facebook messages.


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