Reasons to Simplify: Stuck in a Ditch

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a ditch? You’re cruising along in your classic vehicle of awesomeness, known as you, and trip. You don’t know how you got there. Or, you do, but you don’t need to be reminded. All you know is you are now in a ditch and you’re stuck in good, without a winch.

This is where I am, right now. I am a mom of five children, a dog, and two cats. The children need to be taught. The dog needs to be trained. The cats…well, they are schooled to lie around and look like bookends or sit on my dryer and pretend they are getting a Magic Fingers massage as they wait for maid service on their apartment (aka my office). I am focusing on one business, while God often reminds me, “Hey! Remember, you’re also a writer? Are you going to do something about that?”

Then, I say, “But, I have so much to dooooo.” Because, at one point or another, whining to God is like whining to your dad.

I believe the word “crazy” comes up a lot among my friends when they find out my attempts of balancing business and home. Others think I spend my time eating bon bons, while playing on Facebook. Because, I look like someone who can afford Bon Bons?

So, this is the reason to simplify. When the laundry pile takes over three rooms, it’s time to simplify, or at least make sure the dog keeps her clothes separate from everyone else’s.
When I wake up at 6 AM, every morning, supercharged to start the day and can’t remember what to do after Turn on The Kettle, it’s time to simplify.
When I lose the keys, the debit card, and the kids on a daily basis, it’s time to simplify.
Even if it’s something as minimal as throwing out what isn’t needed, writing a five point To-Do List, and sticking bright and shiny Post-It Notes on the kids, it’s a start.

“I’m going to make a plan!” I said. There were ideas spinning and bouncing around in my head and you know what happened? My body went into shock at the thought of organization and decided it would rebel with a dizzying headache. Or maybe all that bouncing and spinning of thoughts was just too much at one time.

Now, the plans start, again, and this is why I am a little late in posting. Better late than never, they say. Whoever “they” are.

What ways have you simplified your life without spinning your wheels?


2 thoughts on “Reasons to Simplify: Stuck in a Ditch

  1. Hey there, just stopping by from the a-z challenge. I loved reading your post, it made me laugh on several occasions. I’m a mother of only two, and one cat, and a boyfriend who’s more work than the rest of them, I couldn’t imagine having five kids.

    I definitely agree though, life is hectic and needs simplifying, and this coming from a serious list maker! 🙂

  2. Whoa, you have got a lot on your plate! Hope you manage to simplify some things around you, to go easier on yourself. Here from the A-Z challenge.

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