Love One Another

Yesterday morning, I decided to go to Mass. It is something I haven’t done in a few years. Once again, I wondered why they changed the words on me. I was am active member of the Roman Catholic church for over 20 years and never did I hear the refrains change as much as they have the last few times I have visited. At least we still have what my husband calls our calisthenics. Sit. Stand. Sit. Stand. Kneel

That aside, I still love the ceremony and I left feeling wonderful. The talk was about casting the first stone. My favorite line in that story, ” I will not condemn you, either. Go and sin no more.”

We each have our imperfections. Being human, we judge everyone and everything based on our life experience. We see everything through a lens of black and white, instead of the colorful kaleidoscope of others experiences that are reflected back at us.
We will not always agree. Some things others do will be against everything we stand for. It’s our place to love others and show our version of the world by example, while not being afraid to admit to our flaws.

No matter what our path in life, the most important lesson is in three words, “Love One Another.” It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Happy Monday!


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