Spring Fever


The other day, I was emailing one of my dearest friends when I made a confession. I told him while I am knitting, lately, I have taken to watching old episodes of Lou Grant on YouTube? “Does this means I am old?” I asked. He answered by asking if I wanted to go out for a QT coffee. I suppose knitting and watching a newspaper drama that premiered when I was four years old means I need to get out of the house more.

I enjoyed the coffee, but I went back to watching more episodes. I love how timeless the show is. It could have just as easily been made in 2013, instead of 1978. It’s also a good way to work on inventory and not bore myself to tears.

The weekend has been more of this. Knitting, watching Lou Grant, having dinner with friends, more knitting, and more watching Lou Grant. I may even go to church at 5 PM. Just because I want to.

It’s about using the weekend to relax. Something I rarely do. “Relax,” I hear so often. It’s a frustrating word which automatically makes me unrelaxed.

Today would normally be the start of my Sunday Spotlights. Instead, that is postponed for another week, so I can focus a little more on relaxation and simplifying.

In fact, Simplifying will be the topic of choice tomorrow. It is Monday. We can all use a good laugh.

Here is a basic plan of what to expect in future editions. Things may vary if something really presses on my mind, but people like a bit of a routine, especially when it comes to blogs. These a probable topics you can look forward to depending on the week. I can break things down more, if needed. Here you are.

Monday — Inspirational/Self/Relationships

Tuesday — Anything about Food. Because, Food is yummy. Or Thrifty tidbits, because that leaves more money for food.

Wednesday — Quotable Wednesday, inspired by one of the products available at Victory Rose Vintage.

Thursday — Every Monday, my Google Plus page starts a fun theme of the week. On Thursday, the theme and a fun addition will be added here.

Friday — It’s all about the fashion. Because, clothes are fun to look at.

Saturday — Silly or Star. Which one do you like better?

APSPA Bowling Tournament 027.1Sunday — Sunday Spotlights. Focus on a Vintage Pinup Model, Artist, Writer, or anyone who has an interesting hobby or interest.
Next week, you will be introduced to Vintage Pinup Model and Artist, Maiden America.

Do you have any ideas or know someone you would like to see featured in Sunday Spotlights? Drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.


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