Theme Thursday: Luck of the Irish

Growing up, people always asked if my maiden name was Irish. Apparently, if you put the sound Ma in front of any other letters, you must be Irish. I also was raised in an Irish parish known as Most Holy Trinity. It was run by a Polish Monsignor, at the time, so I felt right at home. Their Spring Festival that was all about the Irish bread was the highlight of my year.

That is where the connection between myself and all that is Irish ends. I spent a number of St. Patrick’s Days convincing people that the green in my eyes should count as wearing green in honor of the day. Irish I am not.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought of writing about Little Known Facts of St. Patrick’s Day, Fun Facts about Irish-Americans, contributions of the Irish in the last century, and finally Irish Performers. What finally stood out was this lovely film of Richard Harris, Peter O’ Toole, and Munster Rugby. Beyond, some good food and good drink, I cannot think of anything more fitting to serve.


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